Amazon Phone Rumours

Is everyone trying to get a piece of the mobile phone market. Not content with the Amazon Kindle it looks like Amazon are looking at creating their very own smart phone.

Amazon Smart Phone

Ironically Amazon have hired a guy called Charlie Kindel to their team. This is the guy who was considered to be the Windows 7 head honcho. He is apparently recently been quoted as saying: “I’m building a new team going after a totally new area for Amazon. I’m hiring cloud and mobile developers and testers, program managers, and product managers”

Why an Amazon Phone?

Well it’s quite logical really. Amazon are looking to both control the supply chain and make it as easy as possible to put content in the hands of their customers.

If you have ever used a new Kindle Fire you will know just how easy it easy for someone to buy anything from Amazon. With just one click you can order books, video or just about anything. So an Amazon smart phone makes it even easier to buy from Amazon.

With Amazon also owning content such as it also means they will be making it easier to make watch.

From a personal point of view I would say it’s not a bad thing that Amazon is looking to develop their own phone. The Amazon Kindle may be a very controlled environment  but it is incredibly easy to use and Amazon have really got the interface right. If they can do the same with the phone I think they will steal a march on the competition.

April 7, 2013

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