Blackberry 10.2 Rumours

If like me you are a lover of Blackberry, you’ll be excited to hear about the planned Blackberry 10.2 launch. Almost certainly one of the biggest leap forwards for the Blackberry 10 OS since the launch of the Blackberry 10 OS itself!

Rumoured to be scheduled for launch pre-Christmas 2013, Blackberry 10.2 includes a host of new and upgraded features.  Below is a summary of what we have found to be rumoured to be in the new Blackberry 10.2 release:


  • New visual notifications on the lock screen
  • New fast ‘actionable’ notifications at the top of every screen with the ability to take ‘action’ without having to run the full blown version of an app.
  • Separate notifications for each groups of BBM

Blackberry Performance Improvements

  • Improved system performance
  • Improved animations
  • Improved applications support including upgraded Android Player – supporting Android 4.2 apps!

Blackberry Hub

  • New ‘Priority’ with ability to automatically create priority rules
  • Shortcut to attachments

System Applications

  • Native application Evernote (my personal favourite!)
  • Task manager – check which apps are running / taxing your Blackberry
  • Weather app with a fresh new look
  • New data indicator


  • Send pre-defined SMS messages in response to missed calls

There are lots of other rumoured updated but too many to share in one go. Keep reading for more Blackberry 10.2 rumours

August 5, 2013

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