Galaxy S4 Available on Three

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available to order on Three. For anyone looking at getting the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung and who is trying to decide which network to go for, Three is in my opinion your best option.

Galaxy S4 and Three Mobile. Why?

The all new Samsung Galaxy S4 is designed for mobile internet. It’s new 5 inch screen, it’s 4G capabilities, video call capabilities and more. With the Galaxy S4 being so heavily integrated with mobile internet it makes sense to use  a mobile provider that gives you the best access to mobile internet.

With Three’s “All You Can Eat’ package, you have truly unlimited internet access on the move.  The perfect answer for the heavy demands that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will place on you. No more worrying about downloads, uploading all of you photos to Facebook, Skype calls on the move and more.

For me, I tether my Three mobile phone to my laptop while on the go allowing me to work longer and smarter with out any worries of huge data bills.

The Galaxy S4 is the best of mobiles, Three gives you the best of data providers.

Also Three will be shortly rolling out it’s 4G network which it calls ‘Ultra Fast’. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is ‘Ultra Fast’ ready.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available to order from Three now. Expect delivery around the 26th April.

You can also order the Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Free from various providers. Click here to see the best Galaxy S4 offers.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also available on Contact from Three, Vodafone, O2 and all leading networks. Click here for the best Samsung Galaxy S4 deals.

March 30, 2013

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