Pre-order The Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10

Blackberry fans have long loved the traditional qwerty keyboard and may have been disappointed earlier this year when Blackberry launched the Z10 which was a pure touch screen smart phone.

Great News for Real Blackberry Fans

In the UK O2 have now made the all new Blackberry Q10 available to pre-order on their website.  The Blackberry Q10 is the first fo the new breed of Blackberry featuring the new Blackberry 10 interface to also have a full built in Qwerty keyboard. Blackberry have long been considered to have the very best keyboard of any smart phone which learns as you type.

Plus the new Blackberry Q10 also have a touch screen which makes using the new Blackberry 10 interface even easier.  The Blackberry 10 operating system uses the new Blackberry HUB to make communication easy.  Plus you will also have Blackberry Balance making is easy to keep personal and work life separate.

As with most modern smart phones, Blackberry have included a fantastic 8 mega pixel camera with face detection system and the ability to role back your photo to pick the perfect shot.

Email, web and chat are so much easier on the new Blackberry 10 operating system.  One of the best features of old Blackberry’s was the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) service. This has now been upgraded to include video messaging.

O2 are the first to start promoting the Blackberry Q10 on their website. Expect other companies to start promoting it soon. Release date is rumoured to be May. No official price has been announced. Interesting that not even the Blackberry website it promising the Q10 yet!

Key Features of The Blackberry Q10

  • Powered by BlackBerry® 10
  • Comes with Qwerty BlackBerry® Type ‘n Go Keyboard
  • Time Shift mode – Create the perfect shot every time
  • 4G ready – we’re bringing you 4G technology later this year



April 7, 2013

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