Samsung Galaxy S4 is Launched

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is Setting New Standards

At the much hyped and long awaited launch event, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched to a hungry audience of press. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is widely considered to be the only real contented to dominance of the iPhone and from what we have seen so far this is going to be a serious challenger!

Much excitement has been placed around the new Galaxy S4’s touchless capabilities. This is the new ‘Eye Motion Control’ built into the S4 which allows you to control many functions simply by using your eyes. A great example is scrolling through emails simply using your eyes. Also the ability to pause a video you are watching simply by looking away.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Also you do not need to touch the screen of the Galaxy S4 in many cases. It can work with gestures made above the screen.

Plus much prominence is also given to the new use of 2 cameras. This on it’s own is not new in the Galaxy S4, however it’s ability to take photos front and back at the same time to them blend and tag and use for multiple purposes is. We will review this in more detail in a separate posting.

The new Samsung Hub is similar in concept to the Apple iCloud. Allowing you to store information from multiple Samsung devices in once central location and make it available to any device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – What is New:

  • Eye Motion Control – Allows users to scroll using their eyes or pause video simply by looking away
  • Front and rear facing cameras than ‘blend’ images and movies together
  • Samsung Hub – combine content from all of your Samsung devices
  • Samsung Translator
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your home entertainment system – intelligent viewing
  • Air View and Air Gestures
  • HomeSync
  • Health monitoring

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Available:

Available From:  End of April
Available in The UK: Vodafone, Three, Orange, T-Mobile and EE

Samsung Galaxy S4 – More Information

You can find out more about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 at the following websites:

March 15, 2013

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